28 February 2010

want - sierra designs rucksack.

Ever since I saw Deniro rocking a 60/40 Sierra Designs parka in the 70's cult classic movie The Deer Hunter I've had a real interest in this brand. Simple but functional pieces of classic American design stemming back over 40 years it will, for me, be the original US outdoorwear brand. It's just a shame that these days the only way of obtaining many pieces, including the 60/40 parka, is from Japan or ebay.

Personally I'd really love to see Sierra Designs re-releasing some of the vintage pieces, but I won't hold my breath.

Sam Sherwood.

Ralph Lauren Rugby University Chino Skull Shorts

I gave no preference of what I wanted from NYC when some friends visited last week. These are one of the things they picked for me, a pair of skull and cross bones Ralph Lauren Rugby shorts in khaki. Personally I really like them and they will be perfect for the summer, if it ever comes.

University Chino Skull Shorts, $70 Available at Ralph Lauren Rugby

William Fox.

26 February 2010

Nike Air Max 180

For a while I had been trying to get my hands on a pair of Air Max 180's in the ultramarine colour, and thanks to a conversation with my fellow author, Stooops I now have a pair in my possession, he very kindly gave me the pair he no longer wears. Even though I have been wearing Air Max's less and less, preferring now Blazers or shoes, these have been stuck to my feet since they have arrived. Unlike most other Air Max's they suit both denim and chinos hopefully meaning a branch of the Air Max tree will find a constant place in my wardrobe again.

William Fox.

23 February 2010

Present x Trickers Shoe

The newest delivery of Trickers at PRESENT also sees a new shoe join the ranks. The Derby Brogue sees inspiration drawing from both the brogued boot and shoe of the last drop of Trickers. The vibram sole, and the colours, from the boot have now been added to the shoe bringing about a splendid combination. My personal favourite is the Acorn Antique colour. The classical brown contrasts wonderfully with the more modern sole. Saying that all the other colours are equally as impressive...

Trickers Derby Brogue, £295, Available only at PRESENT

William Fox.

Present x Trickers Boot

After months and months of anxious waiting the new chapter in the PRESENT x Trickers collaboration has arrived. The famous high brogue boot has now had suede added to it to create a lovely shoe. Personally I was not a fan of the old brogue boot, I could never really see where I could wear it, but these are different. The ones above are a beautiful colour, described as Gaucho Suede, and the vibram sole really complements it. The orange and brown are also fantastic spectacles. Once again the PRESENT Trickers boot exclusive comes out top form.

Trickers Suede Boots, £305, Available only at PRESENT

William Fox.

22 February 2010

I'm so ahead of my time my parents haven't met yet.

Supreme released their Spring Summer preview today and they didn't disappoint. Whilst I feel alot of the collection caters for the older gent, I was particularly pleased to see the return of the motion blur logo which seems to be the star this season, it's obvious who's responsible.

Sam Sherwood.

J Crew Camp Socks

Its very rare that socks will make me excited. If only I lived in the U.S. and could buy these online, as these have twice alluded me on visits by myself and friends to J Crew stores. If I ever do gain access to them I will stock up as its not too often one can find a pair of socks that they genuinely like this much.

Camp Socks, $16.50 at J Crew

William Fox.

Supreme Spring Summer 2010 - focus

All the hype in the past few weeks has been about the newest Supreme drop and here it is. Although not all of it is to my taste this collection has created some very nice simple pieces, some of my favourites are seen below. The striped pocket tees will be perfect for this summer and the moleskine is a wonderful example of a very clever item to create and put in the collection. The anorak pictured above is my favourite garment from the S/S collection and I will try my hardest to add it to my wardrobe. I am sure stooops will grace you with his highlights from this collection.

Supreme S/S 2010 collection available to view here

William Fox.

WM J Mills Duffle

My new, smarter get up is forcing me to explore new luggage options as the backpacks of old really do not suit what I am now wearing. From my school days I have a Quba duffle bag made from old sail material but years of usage have rendered it out of action. My quest for a new one has brought me to this, a Wm J Mills Sag Harbor duffle. Like Quba they are sailing specialists, originally producing sails in Greenport, Long Island. Now, however, sailing is a small part of their business, with totes and duffles their main money makers. A plethora of colours are available, but in my opinion the grey is the most versatile. Wm J Mills are known for their long lasting canvas bags, so this maybe a very appropriate solution to my luggage problems.

Sag Harbor Duffle, $150 Available at Inventory Stockroom

William Fox.

Supreme 2010.

24 hours...

Sam Sherwood.

17 February 2010

New and Lingwood

Originally founded in 1865 as outfitters to Eton College, New and Lingwood describe themselves as purveyors of fine clothing to "men of refinement and good taste". Located neatly on Jermyn Street and within a stones throw of the gentleman's clubs of St. James, New and Lingwood have created classic and traditional English garments for generations of well dressed gentlemen. One would be a fool in thinking that, like some other retailers on Jermyn Street, they are purely shirt-makers. Their shoes, like the Richmond Semi-Brogue Oxford, could rival anything created by Edward Green, who sits just across the road, and jackets of similar quality to their own could easily be found anywhere on Saville Row. Their socks, pyjamas and dressing gowns are also specialities. If my career path takes me where I choose to go the St. James area may well be one I frequent regularly, and if so New and Lingwood will find themselves having very loyal customer.

New and Lingwood - 53 Jermyn Street, London, SW1Y 6LX

William Fox.

16 February 2010

vintage advertising.

I can't get enough of these vintage adverts specifically the ones from the 60's and 70's, whether beautifully shot or some Rockwellian painting they're all aesthetically pleasing to the eye, unfortunately worlds apart from the ones we have today.

Sam Sherwood.

Woolrich Woolen Mills S/S10

At the moment all I can think about is when I will gain the opportunity to not have to wear lots of thick layers just to venture outside. When I am able to bask in sunshine and I am expecting a light shower, or a gentle wind this jacket, namely the Zuma Anorak from the Woolrich Woolen Mills summer collection would be perfect. Similar to an Our Legacy cagoule for a few seasons ago, this would be suitable to throw on in the summer months if the aforementioned conditions arose. The beige version is not bad either...

S/S Collection available to view here - www.woolrichwoolenmillsproduction.com

William Fox.

I.D. Spring 2010

Nice little piece in this quarters I.D. on PRESENT and the staff

William Fox.

12 February 2010

Nike Air Rift MTR

The Nike Air Rift is a shoe I have never really given a second thought to but this re-release has made me think twice. I have no idea what I would wear them with but aesthetically they are very pleasing, being very well designed. The purple colour-way has particularly grabbed my attention. Maybe come summer I will know how I could incorporate a pair into my wardrobe.

Available at Atmos

William Fox.

8 February 2010

Junya Watanabe x Carhartt

Junya's re-work of this classic Carhartt jacket has caught my eye recently. The tweaks to both the black and tan versions give it a lovely dimension. I would not usually consider this jacket, or Carhartt in general but this has really opened my eyes some of their nicer pieces, as well as the rest of this collaboration.

Available at DSM

William Fox.

7 February 2010

Vans Classics 2010 Fall/Winter Era 59.

I'm really feeling these vintage style Vans Eras, featuring a canvas upper equipped with leather accents on the heel and tongue accompanied by a tartan lining, all three colourways are set to be released in July 2010 and personally I can't wait, the white CW is mine.

Sam Sherwood.

6 February 2010

"I'am not a boaster but a positive toaster".

Lee Scratch Perry x Jools Holland (1985)

Sam Sherwood.

3 February 2010

ape shall never kill ape.

I'm not a huge Bape fan personally but even so I couldn't resist picking up the 15th aniversary hardcover, featuring 384 page's of collaborations to the various celebrities who have worn Bape in addition to a timeline of when various Bape products were released.

Love it or hate it you have to admire Bape, Nigo created the perfect brand for the type of underground street culture it targeted in the 90's, from stocking Bape in hidden shops called "nowhere" you only knew of the shops location if you were in the know yourself, throw in limited stock and special editions and you've got the key to success in this culture - exclusivity.

Nigo really is a marketing genius and even though the brand may have lost some credit in recent years he's still doing what he does best - making millions. The book is available at numerous websites and shops for around £20 and I really recommend it... perfect coffee table material.

Sam Sherwood.

Levis Vintage 1966 501 Porch Rocker

Until recently I have never been a fan of LVC, that is until I saw these beauties. The wash on them is just what I would aim to gain from a pair of raw denim. The blue is just that perfect shade, almost a royal blue. I rotate my own raw denim too often to have achieved such a colour thus-far, and even with months of wear it is possible I will not achieve a colour as nice as this one. This version of the 501 is also sightly slimmer, resting my previous fears about them being slightly baggier than what I am used to. So surely it makes perfect sense to skip the weeks of rigid, bleeding denim and just buy the finished product.

£130, Available at Hanon

William Fox.

2 February 2010

Albam Explorer Jacket

Albams newest arrival, a re-issue of the Explorer Jacket, has seen an addition to their résumé of highly esteemed outerwear. Featuring both navy and charcoal colour-ways, the Explorer Jacket is reminiscent of a Barbour or Belstaff international jacket, although it comes across as being a lot less intense, in a way more simplistic. The "midweight" cotton canvas outer with teflon coating gives it its technical credentials and I am sure it is a jacket that could be worn throughout the year, battling all sorts of weather. This is undoubtedly an item of clothing one could get a lot of use out of if it were to be in ones wardrobe in the coming year, it would certainly take pride of place in mine.

£295, Available at Albam

William Fox.

1 February 2010

Nigel Cabourn Chittagong Cricket Jacket

PRESENT has seen the newest delivery of Nigel Cabourn stock this week, with this Cricket Jacket being the showpiece. The summer collection has seen a continuation of the excellence of bringing older, more classic, designs to the fore, and that is seen especially with this superbly designed jacket. Present are currently the only British based stockists who have gone for these jackets, deciding against the beeswax parka which a lot of others have picked up . It comes in two colourways, red and green, both of which are equally fantastic spectacles. They brilliantly conjure up images of Henley in the scorching heat of July, accompanied by a straw boater perched on ones head and a glass of Pimms sitting in ones hand.

£415, Available at PRESENT

William Fox.