17 February 2010

New and Lingwood

Originally founded in 1865 as outfitters to Eton College, New and Lingwood describe themselves as purveyors of fine clothing to "men of refinement and good taste". Located neatly on Jermyn Street and within a stones throw of the gentleman's clubs of St. James, New and Lingwood have created classic and traditional English garments for generations of well dressed gentlemen. One would be a fool in thinking that, like some other retailers on Jermyn Street, they are purely shirt-makers. Their shoes, like the Richmond Semi-Brogue Oxford, could rival anything created by Edward Green, who sits just across the road, and jackets of similar quality to their own could easily be found anywhere on Saville Row. Their socks, pyjamas and dressing gowns are also specialities. If my career path takes me where I choose to go the St. James area may well be one I frequent regularly, and if so New and Lingwood will find themselves having very loyal customer.

New and Lingwood - 53 Jermyn Street, London, SW1Y 6LX

William Fox.

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  1. Couldn't agree more-their nightwear is the best in London.Definitely the most interesting of the Jermyn St.mens shops.Very pleasant staff too.