31 January 2010

nineteen ninety eight.

About a month ago I came across this Supreme Zippo on eBay, I thought straight away it would go far beyond my budget but to my surprise I was the winning bidder for the grand sum of $22 and the icing on the cake for me was the fact that it still had the safety seal on.

I'm almost certain it was released around 1998 as thats when the motion blur decks of the same design were released so there can't be too many floating around these days considering its age. It's a Supreme item that really interested me, not only because of the unique matte red finish but because I've never seen it before, infact, I never knew it existed but to have it in my possession is truly great.

As much as I'd like to use this everyday I'm simply not brave enough - my much more common chrome Supreme Zippo from last year will have to suffice for my daily needs.

Sam Sherwood.

30 January 2010

Mark Mcnairy Red Brick Bucks

Mark McNairy, the designer credited with the revival of my new favourite brand J-Press, has really hit top form with his red brick sole buck collaborations. The Inventory one shown above has almost sold out from their stockroom and to be honest I am not surprised. The navy blends with the red in a subtle, yet complimentary manner making this shoe very easy on the eye. The collaboration with the Los Angeles branch of Union is similarly attractive in tan. At the moment both are slightly out of my current price range but I should have some money coming in soon so one never knows...

Navy Bucks, INVENTORY, $350
Tan Bucks, Union LA, $289

William Fox.


William Fox.

28 January 2010


Yuketen Spring/Summer 2010.

All in all a nice looking collection and perfect for the summer months.

The ones above are particular favourites.

Available in part at PRESENT and Oi Polloi in the coming months.

William Fox.

26 January 2010

Brilliant man with a brilliant name

Rexford G. Tugwell (1891 - 1979)

William Fox.

My New Look

Slowly but surely I am moving away from hypebeast-y Japanese and American brands and these two newest purchases are definitely signaling the direction in which this is going to go.

1. I have continued my Albam theme with these cords. With a simple combination of a white tee and trainers they should look cracking in the summer.

2. In an attempt to alter the balance of my footwear collection from sneakers to shoes I have invested in a pair of Clarks Desert Khans. With them only being at Oi Polloi for a limited run until their wider release later this year I did not want to miss out. I can see myself in the summer pairing these with dark shorts or a pair of rolled up raw denim.

William Fox.


Made from resin, cashew lacquer, cloth and glass these samurai armour suits were created by artist Tetsuya Noguchi in homage to the famous French design house Chanel, perfect for stylin' on your enemy mid battle.

Sam Sherwood.

24 January 2010


1. Picked up this lovely Albam knit the other day

2. Some may have noticed a new contributor, Stooops. He holds fairly similar tastes to me so expect to see lots from him this year. He has already done pieces on his Supreme deck collection and the Ari Marcopoulos book.

3. The eagle-eyed amongst you may have also noticed the new layout. Thanks have to go out to a relative who did it all for me

William Fox.

16 January 2010

Ari Marcopoulos.

As part of my new year resolution to buy more books I decided to order "Out and About" by Ari Marcopoulos and can confirm I'm very happy with my latest buy.

The book features chosen photographs from Ari during the 80's and 90's - Brooklyn b-boys, artists, actors and the New York skate scene are all caputured in Ari's unique way, a great addition to the bookshelf (bedroom floor).

Sam Sherwood.

14 January 2010

Worn-in Boots

Thats how you wear a pair of Redwings in.

Picture courtesy of www.shipinsidebottle.com

A Few Bits I Found

On my trip abroad I, unsuprisingly, frequented a few shops and I picked up a few bits. These are some highlights.

The one shop I was most impressed with was J-Press. The day before I left my father had told me about it, comparing it to J Crew, but perhaps a little more up market. As far as he knew it was a traditional Madison Avenue outfitters similar to Brooks Brothers that had been bought out by a Japanese firm and therefore they had gone more traditional but less stagnant. There was plenty I could have bought in store but I simply didn't have the time nor money to look and buy seriously. I ended up picking up some very cosy and very warm socks as well as two eternally useful woolen hats, which I may add are very well made.

Before my visit to J-Press I went into Brooks Brothers to find something in particular and I found it straight away. Ever since Thom Browne started his Black Fleece range I had been after one of the oxford shirts. Their fit is fairly similar to one created by Gitman Brothers, but the quality is, in my opinion, on a different level. And luckily this one was in the sale.

I made two trips to Supreme. I attempted to find Mr. Jebbia but he was not around so all I got was his regards. I picked up a nice tee from the recent taps collaboration, the Vans released last year and a thermal long sleeved tee in the sale.

NYU t-shirts and sweats are one of my oldest memories of presents from trips abroad that my father would bring back. Since I have a new love of Champion, as well as the US collegiate look I purchased these from the NYU bookstore, and the fact they were student-y levels of cheapness they are wonderful additions to my wardrobe.

With some level over cash I picked up a plastic strapped Bapex. Not the one I had wanted, but a nice buy nonetheless.

Oh and a Patagonia Rain Shadow. Perfect outer shell for any weather and cheaper to buy across the pond

Back to Black and White.

Sam Sherwood.

13 January 2010


After a year of collecting Supreme decks I've managed to gather the five pictured below, due to my severe OCD I tend to only pick up completely DS decks meaning I have less choice and less money in my Paypal account afterwards.

In 2010 Supreme will bring us a very much overdue Harmony Korine collab, this for me is an instant pick up and very reminiscent to the Larry Clark decks which I have yet to get my hands on.


Sam Sherwood.

12 January 2010

New York

Last week I was lucky enough to travel to the big apple with my girlfriend. It was the coldest the Eastern Seaboard of the USA had seen in some 25 years and you could really feel it walking around. These are a few amateur pictures of my trip...