30 June 2010

better late than never.

I finally got my hands on the Supreme x North Face Expedition Pullover last week when it turned up on my doorstep from my good friend across the pond. As soon as I saw the leaked photos of this colourway I knew I had to have it and no other colour or design would make me think otherwise, I’ve been obsessing over the DPCU Australian camouflage ever since Supreme used it last year on a pair of box caps. The pullover is made with a 100% waterproof nylon 3 layer faille weave shell with tricot backing and fully taped seams which is perfect for those wet days we are regularly blessed with here in the UK.

The quality on this jacket is superb and even though I won’t be able to get much use out of it over the up and coming months I couldn’t be happier with it and recommend everybody to take advantage of the cheap prices during the summer to pick one up as I’m sure it’ll be a key piece of my wardrobe come autumn.

Also I had to get the Supreme edition of the recent Rizzoli published book, for a big fan of the New York skate brand it was a no brainer, the slip case is clean, simple and will keep it pristine for the many years I’m sure to own it.

Sam Sherwood.

25 June 2010

Barbarian x Hideout Rugby Shirt

I know it is far from the weather for it, but I have this thing for rugby shirts at the moment. A couple of days ago I popped by Hideout whilst scouring the sales and picked this up. I think I am aiming for some kind of skater steeze and this fits right in and although if I wore this right now I would probably melt, I need to try and tie it into an outfit at some point.

William Fox.

17 June 2010

tiger style.

The weather in England has been incredible recently and I’ve been getting that summer vibe from venturing out in only a shirt and shorts till late at night that us brits are rarely treated to, but this sudden change of weather made me realise that I only had one pair of shorts and even though I’ve been meaning to pick up some more for a long time I only got round to it a few weeks ago. These were picked up from a military outlet store in the U.S for a mere $17.99, a real bargain and I can see myself getting plenty of wear out of them.

Needless to say made from 100% Ripstop cotton these BDU tiger camo shorts are really tough and I can tell these will last me many more summers to come.

Sam Sherwood.

15 June 2010

visvim 08.

I just rediscovered these Visvim lookbook photos which I’ve had saved on my computer for awhile. I’m pretty certain they’re from S/S 08 although I could be wrong but it goes without saying they’re the sublime shots visvim always deliver, unfortunately this has reminded me that I still need the saga shirt.

Sam Sherwood.

7 June 2010

San Francisco knights.

Most played track of last summer, hoping to beat my own record this year.

Sam Sherwood.

3 June 2010

Joe McCoy's Hooded Full Zip Sweater

Superdenim have just received their Joe McCoy's delivery and there are lots of lovely things in it. For me the McCoy brands do basics best and this grey sweat is just one of those things. The loopwheeled 12 oz fabric is the finest material a sweatshirt could be made of, and the design owes itself to an original army blueprint. And of course you never go wrong with a plain grey sweat...

Joe McCoy's Hooded Full Zip Sweater, £165, Available at Superdenim

William Fox.