25 September 2010

Beams x Champion College Knit

A nice surprise from Japan along with the North Face Purple Label jacket I posted a couple of weeks ago is this Beams Knit made by Champion. In navy wool, it features an older fashioned wide neck, and a lovely big red B on the chest as well as a small faded Champion emblem on the sleeve. Some of the pieces Champion and North Face Purple Label have been making in Japan are really quite fantastic and I hope they can export them (selectively) out of Nippon soon.

William Fox.

24 September 2010

Heritage Research X Present : Stadium Jacket

Heritage Research have come together with Present to create some exclusive pieces by tweaking items from their Winter collection. Of all of the specials this is undoubtedly my favourite and my most recent purchase. The charcoal colour is a lovely compliment to the melton wool and shawl colour and the quilted inside is going to keep my extra toasty. The P also replaces the H which is a nice touch.

William Fox.

22 September 2010

Fashion in film.

Blow (2001)

The Graduate (1967)

Inception (2010)

La Haine (1995)

Trainspotting (1996)

Trading Places (1983)

Three Days of the Condor (1975)

Risky Business (1983)

Serpico (1973)

Basquait (1996)

Annie Hall (1977)

American Gigolo (1980)

Sam Sherwood.

12 September 2010

Filson Mackinaw Crusier

If it can keep a man living in a wood-cabin 90 years ago warm then its good enough for me, thats why I have one on the way.

William Fox.

11 September 2010

Crescent Down Works Hooded Down Sweater

One thing that I have always wanted for the winter is a thick puffer-type jacket not made by a commercial mountaineering brand like the North Face. After getting the down vest by CDW for Present last year I know how reliable their jackets can be. A down jacket, with 60/40 outer and ripstop inner would no doubt keep me toasty when the cold weather arrives, and makes a nice change from the many parkas I now own. The only question is whether to go for a black or navy version?

William Fox.

10 September 2010

J.Press Shaggy Dog Shetland Knits

With the cold weather drawing closer and closer these Shaggy Dog Shetland Knits from J.Press are the perfect accompaniment. All made in Scotland, they come in a full range of colours and after seeing them in New York last Christmas I can confirm that they are as soft on the skin as they look. I passed on them back then but I think that might be a little too hard this time, I would not be surprised if I choose one of these to keep me warm this winter.

Shaggy Dog Shetland Knits, $160 Available from J.Press

William Fox.

The Ivy Look

I recently received this book as a gift from some visitors to Colette in Paris. Not yet in print in the U.K., but retailing at £12.99 when it will be, The Ivy Look is a brilliant pocket sized guide to everything preppy. The book explains the history behind the Ivy League look, stretching from clothing and shoes to music and its wider influences. It features many old photos and adverts, a lot involving the royalty of that look, the Kennedys. It is a book I would highly recommend, and is the perfect guide to add to any library.

William Fox.

7 September 2010

Joya Landis

William Fox.

4 September 2010

Reigning Champ Sweatshirts

In preparation for the winter I have started buying warmer, more sensible, clothes. These Reigning Champ sweatshirts are very similar in shape and texture to what some would call the original sweatshirt, a reverse weave Champion one. Whereas the Champion sweats of equal quality are now very difficult to get hold of these are relatively easy. The heathered charcoal colour really conjurs up memories of an 80s Athletic sweat, while the navy is a timeless classic. There is even a forest green that I am very close to adding to my new collection. I am sure I will get plenty of wear out of these over the coming months

William Fox.

3 September 2010

Scott Nichol Socks

As previously mentioned socks are a little obsession of mine. Over the past few months I have acquired pairs from J Press, J Crew, Burlington as well as the age old favourite Uniqlo. My most recent pair are from a sock company I had never come across before, Scott Nichol. Over seventy years old, and originating from Leicestershire, everything they make is made in British Mills. Their country collection is the highlight of their sock repertoire with calf length thick, speckled, merino wool socks being exactly what I will need in the winter, and exactly what keeps my sock obsession happy.

William Fox.

North Face Purple Label

I throughly dislike posting regurgitated blogged news items but every so often one really grasps my attention. Any news on North Face Purple Label is usually very interesting, mainly because its exclusively Japanese and therefore in a way shrouded in mystery, but also as it looks like very nice stuff. The most recent pieces of the collection take inspiration from Americana hunting gear. With all 3 jackets made with 65-35 material, the red hunting-like coat with elbow patches and brown coloured collar looks marvelous. With a possible trip to the East potentially in the offing I know exactly what will be at the top of my wishlist.

William Fox.