28 February 2010

want - sierra designs rucksack.

Ever since I saw Deniro rocking a 60/40 Sierra Designs parka in the 70's cult classic movie The Deer Hunter I've had a real interest in this brand. Simple but functional pieces of classic American design stemming back over 40 years it will, for me, be the original US outdoorwear brand. It's just a shame that these days the only way of obtaining many pieces, including the 60/40 parka, is from Japan or ebay.

Personally I'd really love to see Sierra Designs re-releasing some of the vintage pieces, but I won't hold my breath.

Sam Sherwood.

1 comment:

  1. They did remake these packs, but as youve said above best places to find them is still jp and ebay. No metal buckles or felt on the straps tho. Just classic tear drop shape. alpine designs make nice packs too.