29 July 2010

RRL Cargo Pants

A lot of my posts recently have been about bits I have bought, so I thought for the sake of freshness to change that. After buying some olive chino shorts I have realised that a dark shade of green could suit the lower half of my body much more than I had previously thought. After having a look for some at the usual places I came away slightly un-impressed and put my search on hold. Recently however I was searching through old RRL and I came across these. They are cargo pants which can be found on ebay as they are a couple of years old, but they come with a steep price. I was also slightly apprehensive about the cargo pockets on them, fearing they were a little garish, but after seeing a similar pair of trousers made by Wings and Horns worn by a colleague regularly I know they can look very good. Whereas a year ago I would have never gone near a pair of trousers which were so baggy, now I relish the opportunity to wear a pair of trousers so close to a classic original fit. I look forward to possibly hunting a pair down.

William Fox.

28 July 2010

Palace Fall/Winter 2010.

Ever since my fellow Blogger first showed me the Palace promo vid in his post a few months back I knew there was something exceptional about this brand and that I had to get involved. Since then Palace tees and decks have appeared all over the country in independent skate shops instantly standing out with their bold logos and striking, almost hypnotic prints.

Palace have just dropped their 2010 fall/winter T-shirt collection and I'm glad to see the return of the Tri- Fergadellic logo, something I hope the brand sticks with. One Particular T-Shirt which stood out to me was the CoCo Loco and instantly got my hands on one, and to no surprise it's very well I did as you'l be hard pressed to find this still in stock anywhere in the country.

To anyone who's still not familar with Palace, founder Lev Tanju gives his insight to the brand in this interview courtesy of Spine TV.

Sam Sherwood

27 July 2010

Mustapha Dance

William Fox.

25 July 2010

War and Peace 2010

Last week I visited the War and Peace military festival at the Hop Farm in Kent. I saw many wonderful things, some very interesting things and other slightly shocking things. The camouflage on a few of the re-enactors was marvelous. Here a selection of my photos from the day.

William Fox.

23 July 2010

Bullseye Bill Duck Hunting Jacket

Searching through old military clothing at the War and Peace festival in Kent I found this gem on the stall owned by the same people as the Vintage Showroom in Notting Hill. I have been a fan of this type of camouflage for a while now, and I am even looking for a pair of the HBT WW2 USMC pants which are very similar. The duck hunting jacket I found yesterday contains many pockets including a large one on the back as well as a pocket that stretches all the way around the inside of the waist, originally for keeping caught game. It also comes fully water resistant and waxed, and with an attachable hood . I personally think it is lovely, and at a market price instead of a shop price it was a very easy decision to add it to my growing collection of jackets.

William Fox.

18 July 2010

Umbro For Present - Footballs

Umbro have kindly created some footballs for Present in a one off collaboration for the World Cup. They take inspiration from an old fashioned leather football, but instead adopt a red and black colour-way, the colours of Present. Many different teams are represented by the boys in the shop, and almost all are massive football followers, and two of them were even lucky enough to play at Wembley a month ago thanks to an invitation by Umbro. Need-less to say I have already nabbed one for myself as this is such a brilliant collaboration especially for such a big football fan. Although they are not for sale they can be seen in-store at PRESENT.

William Fox.

16 July 2010

Beams Anorak

Yesterday I returned from a quick trip to Firenze. Aside from the 35 degree weather and brilliantly sharply dressed Italians was WP Store. After looking into Beams earlier in the year I had discovered that it was the only place, well for the time being, that one could purchase Beams in Europe, and the INVENTORY article after Pitti reminded me that my visit to Florence would not be complete without popping in. After getting my own shirts made just around the corner, by one of the best bespoke shirt-makers in the world, I had a good look at the current Beams collection, which was all on sale. Almost all of it took my fancy, with some subtly spotted chino shorts a highlight. However I have far too many shorts, but not enough anoraks. This 1950's replica anorak with 3 pockets, one of which a Kangaroo pocket, is just what I was looking for for the summer after finding the winter RL anorak. Upon my return to London I was looking forward to a downpour so it could be put into use...

William Fox.

15 July 2010

Vintage RL Sailing Anorak

The other day a friend sent me a link for this, an old fleece lined Ralph Lauren sailing anorak, complete with cookie patch. It may fit a tad boxy like most old Polo but it is definitely worth it for such an original design. When winter, which seems a million miles away at the moment, comes it will be just the shell I have missed in recent years.

William Fox.

12 July 2010

Foot Patrol - July 2010 Re-Opening.

I’ve just received this info from a friend via a trade magazine giving more insight into the eagerly anticipated Foot Patrol 2010 re-opening, read for yourself below…

Sam Sherwood.