25 October 2010

J-Crew Chamois Shirts

I hate regurgitating info from other sites but whilst reading Mister Crew I spotted these new J-Crew moleskine-a-like shirts. Applying the chamois fabric to their every successful Utility shirt template they have created what looks like a very elegant hunting shirt. A garment originally associated with LL Bean, shirts made of chamois have been a staple for fishermen and hunters alike for almost a century now, gaining popularity due to their flexibility whilst at the same time still being as warm as wool. If the price is right, internationally that is, this may very well be my next acquisition.

$69.50, Available at J-Crew

William Fox.

24 October 2010

Navy Wool - Post Overalls

This winter one thing is going to dominate my dressing habits, and that is navy wool. Daiki Suzuki based most of his winter Woolrich Woolen Mills collection on his memories of early Comme, that is using a lot of dark navys with thick wools. The collection has come out looking very fresh, and the navy/wool combination seems perfect with the cold weather. With this obviously at the fore in my mind I have picked up the Post'alls Cruzer shirt-jacket, from Present's winter delivery from the aforementioned. I am not sure whether I will wear it as my sole outer-layer, as I am not sure if it could suffice when the weather truly turns but either way it is going to be an essential part of my layering in the foreseeable future, as well as more navy and wool.

William Fox.

20 October 2010

Teruyoshi Hayashida.

Take Ivy the book which captured timeless Americana college style has recently been reprinted in English for the first time. I’m sure anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for the past 6 months is aware of this and now owns it, but, if you still don’t you can order it from Amazon for a mere £10.99. If, however, you feel like owning an earlier edition, you can get that here.

Sam Sherwood.

19 October 2010

Witch Doctor

William Fox.

8 October 2010

For A Few Dollars More.

Sam Sherwood.

5 October 2010

Double RL Forestry Overshirt.

Having spent the best part of the past week in Manchester I finally got to visit Oi Polloi, after many orders from the online store with impeccable service it had been on my list of shops to pay a visit to for a long time. The best thing about visiting the boutique was that I got to check out some of the new Double RL stuff the shop had just got in, specifically the Forestry Overshirt, although the price seems high at first the quality and design is amazing and I’d be happy to pay the price for such an amazing piece of clothing.

Double RL Forestry Overshirt Multi Navajo Print

Sam Sherwood.