25 May 2010

Present - Mark Mcnairy

PRESENT have just seen a delivery of Mark McNairy bucks. The already seen blue and camel suede red brick soled shoes and joined by the new saddle shoe. As I mentioned a few months back, the blues are a shoe I really like, and so I have already got a pair sitting aside waiting for me.

Mark McNairy - New Amsterdam collection, Available at PRESENT

William Fox.

22 May 2010


Having had this watch now for 6 months I can say I'm really happy with how its held up, it still looks as new as the day I bought it and it's kept time flawlessly. For a first watch I think it's an excellent start - especially if you're a young gentleman who doesn't want anything too serious. I was really lucky and got a superb deal on this only paying a mere £300 as opposed to the £400+ UK RRP.

Hopefully this will last me till I can justify the big boys version.

Sam Sherwood.

21 May 2010

Summer Madness

William Fox.

Gitman Brothers BD Check Shirt

Recently I acquired this BD Gitman Shirt, and it couldn't have been bought at a better time. Almost every day I seem to be wearing on oxford shirt of some kind, and so this is the perfect purchase. The check is as nice as any out at the moment, the colours in particular stand out wonderfully. It is also a brilliant shirt to throw on at the moment, in the heat-wave we appear to be just at beginning of.

William Fox.

20 May 2010

The North Face Purple Label - Old Kilim.

I've been meaning to pick up a Purple Label rucksack for a long time, the solid colour releases are an easy pass for me as similar leather based vintage rucksacks can be picked up from eBay for around $50, however the more interesting designs always catch my eye. Taking inspiration from tapestry-woven rugs from the middle east this Purple Label release titled "Old Kilim" will definitely make me get my act together and contact a Japanese proxy ASAP.

Sam Sherwood.

18 May 2010

Real McCoys Camouflage Shirt

Although Inventory only got this shirt into their stockroom a couple of weeks ago it has already sold it, and to be honest I am not at all surprised. Although initially one might look at it and think it is a little garish, it really is a beautiful spectacle. For a while now this type of camo has been appealing to me, and the brown and yellow look wonderful together on a shirt. If it is ever re-stocked on Inventory I think it is a must have.

William Fox.

11 May 2010

Atelier de Production et de Creation.

Two repairs, Three years wear and a number of washes.

Quite easily the best jeans you can buy for just over one hundred pounds. As with most A.P.C products the New Standards hold the trademark less is more approach - made from raw selvedge denim with no external branding (excusing the top fly button engraved with 'APC, Paris pres de Luxembourg') or gimicky factory made distressing... but don't let the simple design fool you, these jeans are outstanding quality that will last you years. It sounds like a lot of work just for some fades but to have a pair of jeans totally unique is really special and well worth it in my opinion.

Buy them here.

Sam Sherwood.

8 May 2010

Black Fleece S/S Tartan Button-Down Shirt

The Black Fleece collections have seen Thom Browne hitting another level. The (in part at least) Ivy League inspired collection has unsurprisingly created some fantastic button down shirts, which does make sense when thinking of the heritage of Brooks Brothers. This short-sleeved plaid button down does well in conjuring images of Princeton or Harvard and I personally think it is lovely, and just perfect for this summer, even if one is not spending August on a Massachusetts island.

Black Fleece Tartan Short-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt, $125 available at Brooks Brothers

William Fox.

Gang Starr

William Fox.

6 May 2010

Make it count.

William Fox.

5 May 2010

Quoddy x South Willard

I know its another pair of shoes but I seem to have a fixation with them at the moment. These are a proper pair of moccasins, not like the LL Bean Signature pair I bought recently which are good fun for the mean time, but I am by no means expecting them to last until the end of the summer, and to be honest I would be a fool to think they would for the price I have paid for them. Of all the colour/material combinations Quoddy have out at the moment these are my favourites and would be a wonderful alternative to deck shoes in the upcoming summer months. The colours sit perfectly together and the suede, as apposed to the chromexal leather on some other versions of the blucher, looks so well suited to brown.

Brown Suede Brick Sole Bulcher, $218 available at South Willard

William Fox.

3 May 2010

Sierra Designs Burnt Orange 60/40 Mountain Parka

I cannot count the amount of days I looked on ebay hoping to find this jacket and failed to, but finally I got hold of one. In my size and in excellent condition, this is a Sierra Designs 60/40 Burnt Orange Mountain Parka from sometime in the 1970s. As schtoops also said in a previous post about his favourite Sierra Designs pack, every since I saw the Deer Hunter I knew I had to have this jacket. Of all the old Sierra jackets colour-ways it is easily the nicest. It is also perfect for the Spring weather we are currently in the midst of.

William Fox.