29 April 2010

Sperry Top-Sider Laceless Striper

Over the past few months I have gotten a little bit boring. Whereas once upon a time I would be getting excited over a new pair of Jordans, now I find the simpler, plainer sneakers much more interesting and appealing. These, the Sperry-Top Sider Laceless CVO's fall right into this category. At only $55 they are a really basic shoe that will look lovely in the summer, and they are also a very modestly priced, recent addition to my trainer collection.

Sperry Top-Sider Laceless CVO, $55 Available at Sperry

William Fox.

25 April 2010

Nike All Court Low Suede - A Closer look

Following up from my fellow bloggers post my order for the Dark Sage colourway of Nikes suede All Court Lows turned up earlier this week, I'm really glad Nike has put more focus on this, in my opinion, underrated model as of late. The fact that these can be worn with such a wide range of outfits and not look either too casual or too smart is the reason they're my top Nike shoe by far. The unusual colour of the suede used in this release looks great in contrast to the white rubber toe cap and with british summer just starting to kick in, I can tell these will be key beer garden attire for the next few upcoming months.

Sam Sherwood.

Reigning Champ - Spring 2010

Reigning Champ, the in-house label of Canadian Designers CYC, recently released their Spring collection. The collection sees a continuation of the staple sweatshirts and t-shirts that have gained Reigning Champ a reputation for well made simple garments. It also sees some more exciting, but yet simple pieces. One of the highlights is this red candy stripe coaches jacket, which also comes in a blue stripe.

More images available here

William Fox.

WANT - Olive Chino Shorts

Chinos, in one form or another, seem to be dominating my life at the moment. When its chilly my Wings + Horns navy chinos are my trouser of choice, and if the sun is out my pale legs are accompanied by a preppy chino short of some sort. One colour I do not have in either though is olive green. Finding a pair of good quality olive green chino shorts is surprisingly difficult. I am aware that Wings + Horns are to release some olive west points shorts but I have no idea when. Norse Projects have also created a pair, as seen above, but the colour I am looking for is slightly lighter than that. I may need to delve into the vast collection of Ralph Lauren found on the internet to attempt to find something I am happy with, whether it be current or ancient.

William Fox.

22 April 2010

Nike All Court Low - A/W 2010

A good friend has just sent me some images of the All Court Lows Nike plan to release later this year, first up is an all leather court low which bears an uncanny resemblance to the Premium leather Nike Blazers released earlier this year. The other pictures aren't very clear but it shows Nike have chosen to do another "vintage" effort which proved popular with the recent Vintage Nike Blazers, its a good thing the distressing can be cleaned off as I have my eyes on the green colourway.

Also shown are some more suede colourways, these ones more basic than the recent suede colourways nike have produced but still inviting, the white metal lace holes really set off the red suede nicely.

The leather All Court Lows are due for release in December whilst the Vintage All Court Lows and the suede colourways are due for a November release.

Sam Sherwood.

19 April 2010

Buzz Rickson Sweat

I read somewhere recently that there is an ever continuing search for the perfect sweatshirt, just like there is for the perfect pair of chinos or denim. I think here I may have found just that. The Buzz Rickson 4-needle 1930s sweatshirt is probably the finest sweatshirt I have ever owned. The vintage fit means the neck does not sit too low and the quality is just brilliant - in my opinion second to none. I swung by American Classics last week to pick one up after hearing them mentioned in a few places, and the one I left with lives up to all expectations. I knew there and then I needed to buy it, especially as it was the last in my size.

Buzz Rickson Sweat, £85, Available at Eastman Leathers

William Fox.

17 April 2010

Vans Vault Surf Shaka Pack

For the last few days I have been on a proper Vans trip. My focus has been on older or funkier Vans - like those seen above. I have scoured the inter-web and found some fantastic designs, through collaboration Packs like those with Supreme to vintage made in USA trainers. After all my searching I came to these, but they are neither vintage nor a collaboration. Employing a simple surfing signal and therefore staying true to the essence of the brand and the California roots, these would be beautiful in the summer sun accompanied by a pair of dark chino shorts. They come out at selected Vans Vault in June.

William Fox.

14 April 2010

STORE - Trunk Clothiers

August 2010 sees the opening of Trunk Clothiers, another independent shop stocking very exciting brands. Against recent trends they will open in London's West End. Rumors are that they have secured one of London's only Woolrich Woolen Mills accounts, as well as one with Beams Plus, who are rarely found outside Japan. I for one cannot wait until they open their doors, just to see what other brands they have on offer. The rise of independent menswear stores continues...

Trunk Clothiers opening August 2010, www.trunkclothiers.com

William Fox.


William Fox.

11 April 2010

Nike All Court Low Suede

Although no full shot has been taken of these I already know they are a must have. All courts are a trainer I have been really feeling recently. My collection already consists of both the blue and red colour-ways of the APC x Nike collaborations and I shall try my hardest to add these to it. This one, which shall be released as a quickstrike release sometime in the summer, sees it covered all over in mustard/yellow suede, which sits beautifully with the white rubber toe cap. I think it is the toe cap that always attracts me to this specific style as it gives it a smarter edge not see with more modern shoes like Air Max's. More information on it can be found here, via Highsnobiety.

William Fox.


This week PRESENT see their knitwear collection extended with these sand patched jumpers, adding to previous navy and black patch knits. This particular one sees a combination of 100% scottish lambswool in a grey/chalk stripe contrasting the high quality suede patches. It is a simple idea which has come out particularly well, and if the weather was not changing I would be jumping all over it. Hopefully there is more simplicity to come from the PRESENT collection.

PRESENT Elbow Patch Knitwear, £105, Available at PRESENT

William Fox.

8 April 2010

Our Legacy Corduroy Shirt

I think corduroy shirts are given a tough time. When this shirt came out last year it received little to no attention and in my opinion that was quite harsh. I really like it and if I had found it a little earlier I would have tried my hardest to get hold of one. Both this and last years Our Legacy collections have been very strong, with some nice check BD's sticking out as strong pieces, but this one appears to have slipped through the net in terms of publicity, yet it is still sold out mostly everywhere. Once again my belated awareness is my downfall.

William Fox.

2 April 2010

J.Crew Red Chambray Selvedge Workshirt

After next week I will have both blue and grey chambray shirts for summer, all I need now is a red one. This J.Crew effort is perfect, especially as it only costs $98. Or maybe instead I should say it used to cost, as it has been sold out for a while now. I will have to keep hunting to find what I am looking for.

William Fox.

1 April 2010


Tim Green, also known as Destroywerk is an artist who creates digital collages, such a simple method with a huge impact.

Sam Sherwood.