30 November 2009

He's 5"4, He's 5"4. Weve Got Arshavin. Fuck Adebayor

This match is perfect for four reasons

1. I get to see my beloved Arsenal and seeing as i'm in Bristol now I rarely get to use my season ticket, just save it for the big games.

2. Get to meet up with all my London mates and experience one of the stadiums which as of yet I haven't experience

3. Get to go straight to Leeds from Manchester to see my girlfriend who I haven't seen in two weeks

4. I get to see that dirty cheating human being, Adebayor and shout abuse at him for 90 minutes

Very Exciting News...

... but for the moment its a secret.

All shall be revealed soon.

Like a Lion in Zion in Zion

Thanks to a very kind gentleman who spotted one for me in Tokyo I managed to finally get my hands on the Lion of Judah Supreme knit. This had been on the top of my wish-list for well over a year now and was undoubtedly a grail piece for me, so finally getting hold of it and for a very reasonable price was a welcome surprise. With Christmas now around the corner I am also very appropriately dressed.


I just came across this on the glade website, the new HP+ emblem. As a historian with a keen interest in British Heritage this immediately jumped out at me as something which is not commonly seen with Japanese street-wear. However Nigo's upcoming collaboration with United Arrows, Mr. Bathing Ape, is on a similar wavelength taking its inspiration from Saville Row tailors like William Hunt. This could be the beginning of a tide of change from Nippon, where those slightly more up-market street-wear labels start to take influence from W1's finest. Head Porter Plus have created a brilliant coat of arms for the British Cut collection and I hope it is a theme which continues to come out of Tokyo

16 November 2009

A Classic

Simply this song has been for a long time, and will stay for a long time, a classic.

I Got Post

After searching high and low, and missing out on pairs in London, I have finally got hold of the redwings I was searching for. They are just as good as I was expecting them to be. Just need both them and the back of blister-ridden heels to be worn in before these become my staple footwear this winter.

(excuse the mud, they have already had an outing across park in torrential weather; but to be fair that is the situation a hard wearing boots deserves)

14 November 2009

GQ x Present Party

Roger Rich, in collaboration with Conde Nast, held a party at Present on thursday night to exhibit some of his recent shots for the magazine. Free booze and minor celebrities were aplenty. Later in the evening the party moved on down the road to Shoreditch House where, although my memory has failed me on this one, I taught one of the best barmen in London how to make a Snakebite, and who said university changes you... All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable night.

11 November 2009


05-Jan-10 Virgin Atlantic Flight: Confirmed

Time: London Heathrow Airport 09:20

Time: New York JFK Intl 12:20

New York is all booked up for the new year. Haven't been since a couple of summers ago and my tastes have changed dramatically since then. My very much over due pilgrimage to Supreme is going to be a highlight, I severely doubt much stock will be on offer though. First trip away with the girlfriend as well, which will make it just that bit nicer. With any luck it will snow. Expect a full report in mid January...

2 November 2009

Supreme London Lookbook

A few shots from the recent London Supreme Lookbook shoot. Good shots and the tan timberline and purple box logo look "hella sick". No sign of my ex-workmate Charlie though who was involved in the shoot. London represent...