3 February 2010

ape shall never kill ape.

I'm not a huge Bape fan personally but even so I couldn't resist picking up the 15th aniversary hardcover, featuring 384 page's of collaborations to the various celebrities who have worn Bape in addition to a timeline of when various Bape products were released.

Love it or hate it you have to admire Bape, Nigo created the perfect brand for the type of underground street culture it targeted in the 90's, from stocking Bape in hidden shops called "nowhere" you only knew of the shops location if you were in the know yourself, throw in limited stock and special editions and you've got the key to success in this culture - exclusivity.

Nigo really is a marketing genius and even though the brand may have lost some credit in recent years he's still doing what he does best - making millions. The book is available at numerous websites and shops for around £20 and I really recommend it... perfect coffee table material.

Sam Sherwood.

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