22 February 2010

WM J Mills Duffle

My new, smarter get up is forcing me to explore new luggage options as the backpacks of old really do not suit what I am now wearing. From my school days I have a Quba duffle bag made from old sail material but years of usage have rendered it out of action. My quest for a new one has brought me to this, a Wm J Mills Sag Harbor duffle. Like Quba they are sailing specialists, originally producing sails in Greenport, Long Island. Now, however, sailing is a small part of their business, with totes and duffles their main money makers. A plethora of colours are available, but in my opinion the grey is the most versatile. Wm J Mills are known for their long lasting canvas bags, so this maybe a very appropriate solution to my luggage problems.

Sag Harbor Duffle, $150 Available at Inventory Stockroom

William Fox.

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