4 November 2010

J-Press for Urban Outfitters USA

Although this is a slightly surprising partnership the preview comes off fairly well. The shirts, sweaters and scarves look like good basics, and if the collection comes in at UO prices then I cannot really see where this will go wrong. One could say it lessens J-Press, but these two are such different spheres that I feel it will have little impact. I am already excited to see the full collection in detail as well as prices, which we can hope to be closer to UO prices than those of the Madison Avenue outfitter.

William Fox.

3 November 2010

E.G. Workaday Cords

Ordered a pair the other day from the Bureau and delivered within 24 hours. Easily the finest pair of corduroy trousers I have owned. With a pair of USA made Jack Purcells, 501's, rugby shirt and my Beams anorak I feel like I belong at Harvard forty years ago.

E.G. Workaday Cords, £140 Available at The Bureau

William Fox.

College Scarf

A lot of the time trends make people dress up as things they are not. In various metropolises across the world you will see people wearing mountain parkas and hiking boots, but they will rarely be used appropriately (I am not calling this a terrible thing, merely commenting). My most recent acquisition is actually something I should be buying, well I at least have every right to. It is my University's Union scarf in University colours. It is also completely on point with the way I want to dress at the moment, cottoning onto ivy trends, and the best part is thats appropriate.

William Fox.