1 February 2010

Nigel Cabourn Chittagong Cricket Jacket

PRESENT has seen the newest delivery of Nigel Cabourn stock this week, with this Cricket Jacket being the showpiece. The summer collection has seen a continuation of the excellence of bringing older, more classic, designs to the fore, and that is seen especially with this superbly designed jacket. Present are currently the only British based stockists who have gone for these jackets, deciding against the beeswax parka which a lot of others have picked up . It comes in two colourways, red and green, both of which are equally fantastic spectacles. They brilliantly conjure up images of Henley in the scorching heat of July, accompanied by a straw boater perched on ones head and a glass of Pimms sitting in ones hand.

£415, Available at PRESENT

William Fox.

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