29 July 2010

RRL Cargo Pants

A lot of my posts recently have been about bits I have bought, so I thought for the sake of freshness to change that. After buying some olive chino shorts I have realised that a dark shade of green could suit the lower half of my body much more than I had previously thought. After having a look for some at the usual places I came away slightly un-impressed and put my search on hold. Recently however I was searching through old RRL and I came across these. They are cargo pants which can be found on ebay as they are a couple of years old, but they come with a steep price. I was also slightly apprehensive about the cargo pockets on them, fearing they were a little garish, but after seeing a similar pair of trousers made by Wings and Horns worn by a colleague regularly I know they can look very good. Whereas a year ago I would have never gone near a pair of trousers which were so baggy, now I relish the opportunity to wear a pair of trousers so close to a classic original fit. I look forward to possibly hunting a pair down.

William Fox.

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