16 July 2010

Beams Anorak

Yesterday I returned from a quick trip to Firenze. Aside from the 35 degree weather and brilliantly sharply dressed Italians was WP Store. After looking into Beams earlier in the year I had discovered that it was the only place, well for the time being, that one could purchase Beams in Europe, and the INVENTORY article after Pitti reminded me that my visit to Florence would not be complete without popping in. After getting my own shirts made just around the corner, by one of the best bespoke shirt-makers in the world, I had a good look at the current Beams collection, which was all on sale. Almost all of it took my fancy, with some subtly spotted chino shorts a highlight. However I have far too many shorts, but not enough anoraks. This 1950's replica anorak with 3 pockets, one of which a Kangaroo pocket, is just what I was looking for for the summer after finding the winter RL anorak. Upon my return to London I was looking forward to a downpour so it could be put into use...

William Fox.

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