23 July 2010

Bullseye Bill Duck Hunting Jacket

Searching through old military clothing at the War and Peace festival in Kent I found this gem on the stall owned by the same people as the Vintage Showroom in Notting Hill. I have been a fan of this type of camouflage for a while now, and I am even looking for a pair of the HBT WW2 USMC pants which are very similar. The duck hunting jacket I found yesterday contains many pockets including a large one on the back as well as a pocket that stretches all the way around the inside of the waist, originally for keeping caught game. It also comes fully water resistant and waxed, and with an attachable hood . I personally think it is lovely, and at a market price instead of a shop price it was a very easy decision to add it to my growing collection of jackets.

William Fox.

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