28 July 2010

Palace Fall/Winter 2010.

Ever since my fellow Blogger first showed me the Palace promo vid in his post a few months back I knew there was something exceptional about this brand and that I had to get involved. Since then Palace tees and decks have appeared all over the country in independent skate shops instantly standing out with their bold logos and striking, almost hypnotic prints.

Palace have just dropped their 2010 fall/winter T-shirt collection and I'm glad to see the return of the Tri- Fergadellic logo, something I hope the brand sticks with. One Particular T-Shirt which stood out to me was the CoCo Loco and instantly got my hands on one, and to no surprise it's very well I did as you'l be hard pressed to find this still in stock anywhere in the country.

To anyone who's still not familar with Palace, founder Lev Tanju gives his insight to the brand in this interview courtesy of Spine TV.

Sam Sherwood

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