30 March 2010

USN A-2 Deck Jacket

A while ago I spent quite a bit of time pondering the idea of an M-65, but eventually I decided against it mainly for the reason that that particular design is all over the high street nowadays. Recently this type of jacket, the A-2 Deck Jacket, was brought to my attention and personally I really like it. Its a very basic design in a timeless colour, that is so easy to wear. It was also made to serve a purpose therefore I can guarantee the warmth and sturdiness of it. The older me would have waited months to get hold of the Supreme one that was released in 2005, but now my tastes have matured slightly and a real older one is what I am aiming to get hold of. The one I have my eye on dates from the Vietnam War, giving it that extra guarantee of quality. A lot of inspiration comes from military clothing of this era anyway so why go for something new when I can go for the real thing?

William Fox.

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