29 March 2010

deathbowl to downtown (download).

Created by Coan Nichols and Rick Charnoski this documentary is like no other in it's league, narrated by Chloe Sevigny it goes deeper than just skate footage with an incisive and artful exploration of this culture, what makes this film even more unique is how it shows the evolution of skateboarding - from empty backyard pool's in the 70's, to ramp skating in the 80's then covering the big apple itself in the 90's as the films central figure from a New York-centric perspective.

Featuring exclusive interviews, never-before-seen footage and a periodic soundtrack to go with it, it really is an entertaining, thought provoking take on why the action on New Yorks dirty, grimy and hectic streets reperesents skateboarding to millions of skaters and non skaters worldwide.

The movie can be downloaded here.

R.I.P Andy Kessler

Sam Sherwood.

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