31 March 2010

Supreme Store - London

Allegedly, later this year, under the management of Michael Koppleman, Supreme will open their first store outside NY and Japan in London. The shop will sit just down the road from both the Bape store and Hideout, taking the space which was once a Benjy's coffee shop. The expansion will open the brand up to a whole new audience, but will that be good exposure. I have a horrible feeling this may be the beginning of the end...

William Fox.


  1. outside NY (and LA)

  2. maybe this is the end !
    but il stil wear it not coz the quality it banging ive been buying it for nearly 9 years fuck the hype! wish it wasnt happening but guess business is business...its inevitable really

    hope the prices put off the C***s though!

  3. it wont be, only if they keep shit limited

  4. To be honest it might not be as popular as you think, I mean yeah the chinese and japanese who live in London will love it and the hardcore Supreme fans too, but generally speaking the Brit population are rather scared of wearing American styles these days, majority of geezers I know won't go near it unless its black and has a Fred Perry logo on it!

    So we might be ok :)