25 September 2009


For years I have been toying with the idea of a duffle coat for those frosty winters. Maybe with my imminent move to university a duffle coat is the perfect item of clothing to purchase. It conjures up images of 1968, picketing out side a student union in deep December organising wild-cat student strikes. Anyway I came across this beauty at Present. Its a pretty hefty investment at around £650 and it would take quite a lot of will power to cop but as a garment its beautiful, and ticks all the boxes of what a duffle should do. The colour is fantastically autumnal, and its just about thick enough to keep one warm when it's chilly, but not so much as to make it too heavy, thus making it a burden to wear. The wool is made by those purveyors of fine upholstery, Fox Brothers and Co. England., which again only adds to the quality It is also available at Oi Polloi in a blue, but I feel the other colour-way is much more apt.

The Beetham Jacket, as it is known, is just one of several fantastic Cabourn pieces in the winter collection. The re-issue of the everest jacket, which I am lucky enough to have access to the original of, and the cameraman parka are both outstandingly well designed, and thought-through pieces which do well in reflecting British heritage and design. Cabourn's recent revival, thanks in part to his resurgence in Japan, has produced an exciting collection and he shall be one of the designers I look forward to seeing collections by in the near future.

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