24 September 2009

This Looks Familiar

Earlier on Highsnobiety I spotted this, the Nisqually Valey Parka, by Maiden Noir. Anyone with a memory may remember a certain parka Supreme released last season. The similarities are quite ridiculous with only the sleeves making this effort, which by the way is available at Union LA for $424, identical to the S/S 09 effort by NY's finest. Even the colours are perfect, with this replica not being a shade away from the original.

One could, however, argue that this is a case Jebbia receiving a taste of his own medicine. Many have highlighted the similarities that THAT Supreme Mountain Parka has to a Ralph Lauren Parka circa 1993. I am lucky enough to have that jacket but with blue instead of red, but still in an identical design. It just goes to prove how influential RL are in this industry, but also how much stuff is shared, or rather pinched from others. Maybe its more testament to the fact that all this is a lovely design for a mountain parka. As all have come out very nicely, and I would happily own any of the three, the "theft" of this popular design has been a crude move by all parties involved.

For some 15 years this design has done the rounds, and I hope that for another 15 it can evolve in an equally exciting manor

(Oh and Patagonia had a go as well - but it was a bit of a weak effort)


  1. These are standard design for a mountain parka and have been around since the 70's.

    For vintage product check out original Holubar, Banana Equipment or even Sierra Designs and any of the original yank outdoors brands and I'm sure you'll find the original jacket that Jebba or Ralph ripped there design from.

  2. ive done a lot of searching all of those brands and ive never come across a desgin like it on a vintage parka, i would love to see what it looks like...
    i guess its just proof of how timeless a design it is

  3. I have one here somewhere, ill dig it out of the loft and photo it for you.

    You can also find loads of example in old copies of Free & Easy.