26 September 2009


My old man has been selling and reviving these things for years and years and i've never really had any interest in them. Last February, when the snow engulfed London, he gave me a pair of vintage Redwing boots, proper 70's workwear ones picked up on a U.S. scouting mission, but I have only ever used them for challenging the snow. This morning, whilst looking at the Opening Ceremony x Where The Wild Things Are collab I noticed this picture and both saw how impressive the denim and boots look on this model.

I have managed to, thanks to some very impressive knowledge, identify these as Mink Oil Mocassin toe Redwings, something I probably should have known. I think it was mainly the colour that threw me, so I reckon this colour is new for this season, but i'm not 100 percent on that. I had been thinking about a pair of Redwings for a couple of weeks, but the thought of the boat already having sailed on them was becoming concrete in my mind, that was until I saw these. The colour strikes me as a one which could be worn at any date, a timeless colour, thus making the boot similarly timeless. This is in contrast to a normal pair of redwings in the red or black, which with the obviously contrasted crepe sole, are only appropriate (although i'm sure some diehards would argue with me) to certain times where the redwing Japanese trend is in full swing. As a result of my fondness of these they are on the top of my wants list, and at £140 they are much more within my a students price range than my previous wants entry. I honestly believe they could make a fantastic winter boot, and I throughly look forward to seeing a pair in the flesh.

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