24 September 2009

The Other Side of the Pillow

Ive been hearing about this place for several weeks and my cousin Jack has not given up telling me about how fantastic the Made In USA vans are. Their quality of both design and material are far superior to Vans made away from the cali factory and luckily this place has sprung up in town that presents a large collection of them. The Other Side of The Pillow offers a very impressive deadstock selection of Van Dorens and, as ollies fantastically well presented video shows, other footwear ranging from vintage Nikes to Reebok B-B sneakers. Anyway this video perfectly highlights what this shop has on offer and I think a visit to it may very well be on the books before I head west. Good Luck to them, and well done on accumulating such an impressive selection

(vid courtesy of BNTL)

The Other Side Of The Pillow
61 Wilton Way
E1 1BG

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