23 September 2009


I managed to make it to two shows today, one much more impressive than the other, but both very interesting nonetheless

First I made it down to the MAN show in Somerset House. Using an illicit PR pass I was able to sneak in and stand to watch the show. The clothing however was not the most exciting part. My celebrity radar was on high alert, the cast of T4, Peaches, Phillip Green and Nick Grimshaw were some of the better know celebs around. More interesting were the people I was lucky enough to be introduced to. Buyers, journalists and designers were all in attendance and putting faces to regularly uttered names was a very curious experience.

Later in the day The Child Of The Jago/ Terrorist show in Wiltons Music Hall was my second LFW destination. With Joe Corrie (ex Agent Provocateur owner and child of Malcolm Mclaren and Vivenne Westwood) being a co-designer of the collection, the weird and wacky of British fashion and music were obviously to be expected, and his mother led that parade posing for a picture on a giant frog as I walked in. Faces to be spotted were equally as impressive as at the MAN show. Ronnie Wood, Boy George and Vivienne Westwood were all sitting in the front row. I am also informed that many 70s Punk legends were close by, but my age let me down on that one. The show, with all credit to Barnzey, was superb, with it being more of a theatrical performance than a catwalk. The Victorian Music Hall could not have been so apt. The music, which had been compiled by DJ friend of Joe Corrie who had tragically died just days previously, was spot on and it truly complemented both impressive garments (a stripey regatta-esque blazer being a highlight) and pure entertainment. The catwalk didn't stretch a massive distance from orthodox fashion shows, but it did just enough to make this show a highlight, and leagues better than the much more high profile MAN show I had frequented earlier in the day. All in all my LFW experience was deeply enjoyable

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