11 August 2010

Woolrich Woolen Mills Upland Shirt

I recently spent a few, very pleasant, days in Leeds. Aside from having the best Italian food I have ever experienced outside of Italy I did a little bit of shopping. As per usual HIP was first on my list of the boutiques I wished to visit, and it turns out it was the only one I really needed. Old friends Bert and Everton always make me feel very welcome, and a viewing of their latest delivery of WWM, that had not even hit the shelves, was a very kind gesture. Sorting through it I immediately spotted this, the newest variation on the Upland Shirt. A thick winter shirt, it comes in a beautiful small blue check, with a very subtle hunting patch on the shoulder, and an interesting breast pocket multi button arrangement. With winter temperatures approaching I felt it was a worthy investment and so wasted no time in adding it to my wardrobe, leaving both HIP and Leeds a happy man.

William Fox.

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