11 August 2010

Trickers x Duffer of St.George - Winston Boot

The Winston Chukka Boot, built by Trickers, was a shoe I was unaware existed, that was until just yesterday. An old shoe no longer wanted by its owner, an owner with far too many shoes, it was given to me as it needed a home, and that is what I am happily giving it. This particular shoe was a special one off collaboration many years ago, with the Duffer of St.George, who themselves have a rich history of a working partnership with the Northampton Cobblers, very much fore-running the current trend of both Japanese and European designers. This shoe comes in a lovely dark sand suede, a colour never repeated (as far as I am aware) on this shoe by Trickers, making them both exclusive and elusive.

At the moment, even in the summer months, my most worn shoe is probably a Clarks Desert Boot, but in the winter, with harsher rain, something a little more heavy duty will be necessary otherwise I may be going through a pair a month. These are just that, built with all the same materials as a pig farmers brogue, these are built to last, and I am quite excited to see just what I can get out of them. They shall be keep stored away for a little while yet, but their time will come soon enough.

William Fox.

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