5 May 2010

Quoddy x South Willard

I know its another pair of shoes but I seem to have a fixation with them at the moment. These are a proper pair of moccasins, not like the LL Bean Signature pair I bought recently which are good fun for the mean time, but I am by no means expecting them to last until the end of the summer, and to be honest I would be a fool to think they would for the price I have paid for them. Of all the colour/material combinations Quoddy have out at the moment these are my favourites and would be a wonderful alternative to deck shoes in the upcoming summer months. The colours sit perfectly together and the suede, as apposed to the chromexal leather on some other versions of the blucher, looks so well suited to brown.

Brown Suede Brick Sole Bulcher, $218 available at South Willard

William Fox.

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