15 March 2010

Polo 1992 Parka : Lo Life Fo Life

In one of my first posts I wrote about how the split colour design had been used for inspiration for many jackets up until today. The most recent Supreme x North Face collaboration has brought this to the fore again with a similar colour combination. This collection has reminded me of one of my favourite jackets that has been sitting at the back of my wardrobe for a few months. I have, to date, found no better jacket for wearing in the summer weather with shorts and a simple t-shirt. It is the perfect shell to summer rain, weighing less than a sweatshirt. My own personal one has seen a lot of wear as the very old date of issue and cookie patch can vouch for. This jacket was created in both a red/cream and blue/cream colour-way, both of which are very hard to get your hands on nowadays. I guess I was just fortunate that I found this one when I did.

William Fox.

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