14 March 2010

Free & Easy X Warehouse Overshirt

This winter I have constantly been hunting for clothes appropriate for layering. I have often glanced at thicker over-shirts, in particular almost pulling the trigger on an Burgundy Albam effort. Last week, whilst trawling japanese websites trying to put off doing work, I found this, from the Free & Easy x WAREHOUSE collection, the Wool Shirt. Personally I prefer the brown version, which I think is nicer to layer with in winter, but it does also come in a royal blue. Coming from Japan one would also think it might come at an extortionate price, but even via a proxy in comes in at a similar price to the Albam shirt which can be bought by simply walking to the shop.

Free & Easy x WAREHOUSE Wool Shirt, 13 200 yen, Available at Rugged Store

William Fox.

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