1 March 2010

Baracuta G9 Harrington - Acorn

Last year Junya Watanabe, in partnership with Baracuta, created a G4 harrington in a lovely green colour. Those, unfortunately, are long gone so I must look for something similar. After an extensive search this has been the closest to the Junya version I have found. The colour is almost identical but the fit is different - being a G9 over a G4. Never having owned a harrington jacket I can only read about these things, but from my research the G9 does not fit as well as the G4. This is, however, a slim fit G9 so perhaps the difference is fit is not so substantial. Either way whilst the weather stays as it is this jacket would be perfect for layering and I may well have to pull the trigger on it sooner rather than later. I've seen people who own harringtons from well over 20 years ago and they still seems to find a place for them in their wardrobes in this day and age so there is obviously the potential for this one to find a place in mine in 20 years from now.

Acorn Baracuta G9 Harrington, £125 Available at Baracuta

William Fox.

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