14 January 2010

A Few Bits I Found

On my trip abroad I, unsuprisingly, frequented a few shops and I picked up a few bits. These are some highlights.

The one shop I was most impressed with was J-Press. The day before I left my father had told me about it, comparing it to J Crew, but perhaps a little more up market. As far as he knew it was a traditional Madison Avenue outfitters similar to Brooks Brothers that had been bought out by a Japanese firm and therefore they had gone more traditional but less stagnant. There was plenty I could have bought in store but I simply didn't have the time nor money to look and buy seriously. I ended up picking up some very cosy and very warm socks as well as two eternally useful woolen hats, which I may add are very well made.

Before my visit to J-Press I went into Brooks Brothers to find something in particular and I found it straight away. Ever since Thom Browne started his Black Fleece range I had been after one of the oxford shirts. Their fit is fairly similar to one created by Gitman Brothers, but the quality is, in my opinion, on a different level. And luckily this one was in the sale.

I made two trips to Supreme. I attempted to find Mr. Jebbia but he was not around so all I got was his regards. I picked up a nice tee from the recent taps collaboration, the Vans released last year and a thermal long sleeved tee in the sale.

NYU t-shirts and sweats are one of my oldest memories of presents from trips abroad that my father would bring back. Since I have a new love of Champion, as well as the US collegiate look I purchased these from the NYU bookstore, and the fact they were student-y levels of cheapness they are wonderful additions to my wardrobe.

With some level over cash I picked up a plastic strapped Bapex. Not the one I had wanted, but a nice buy nonetheless.

Oh and a Patagonia Rain Shadow. Perfect outer shell for any weather and cheaper to buy across the pond

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