27 May 2011

Nike Vintage: Cortez

Recently across the blogworld a lot of attention has been on Jerry Seinfeld’s choice of Nike trainers during the hit sitcom Seinfeld, but to me one of the best and most certainly overlooked Nike models of the show was George Costanza’s (Jason Alexander) infamous navy Nike Cortez’s, which he wore in every episode and apparently when the show ended in 1998 Alexander asked if he could keep the pair as the most legendary artefact of the show.

I knew that a couple of years ago Nike had released a vintage version of the shoe and because of this there would be no hope in anywhere still stocking it, therefore leaving me to keep an eye on eBay. With a bit of luck last week a pair popped up in my size, brand new and at the bargain price of £32.

Sam Sherwood.

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