27 March 2010

Wings + Horns West Point Chino

For a while now I have been attempting to vary my wardrobe and recently this has been applied to my leg-wear. Having worn APC New Standards solidly for the past year or so, and before that Supreme denim, trousers are something I am relatively in-experienced in knowing anything about. These Wings + Horns navy chinos are a pair of trousers which perfectly suit what I have been looking for. A navy pair, over lets say khaki, allow me to wear similar clothing to that which I would wear with denim, but give it a completely different, in a way smarter, complexion. The fit of the West Point chino is also relatively slim, something which is fairly hard to come by from a brand in a similar bracket as the of Wings + Horns. These were money well spent, especially as there is surely always a space in my wardrobe for a pair of navy chinos.

Wings + Horns West Point Chino, £175 Available at PRESENT

William Fox.

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