20 October 2009

Supreme Ripstop

Since my Supreme obsession started a few years ago I have always fancied a piece of outerwear. For many years the only Supreme I experienced was that that my father had brought back from trips to Tokyo or NY. Because of this I was limited to t-shirts and the odd sweat. With my age, however, has come wealth, and after working all summer I managed to accumulate enough funds to purchase my first piece of expensive Supreme. This season the ripstop jacket immediately sprung out as something I needed to own. For the period preceding its release I was already investigating more technical apparel. Both old and new style Patagonia, as well as pieces by brands such as Arcteryx and some of the new Stone Island Shadow Project stuff fed my obsession with materials designed exclusively for extreme wear and my interest in the technology behind them. The release therefore of one of these pieces, by one of my favourite brands, equated to a definite cop. Thanks to a friend I managed to get hold of it for US retail, which was a serious money saver and one which I much appreciate.

(excuse the shitty student digs photo)

The technical quality of it must not be underestimated. Some may think, that as its only made by a lowly NY skate brand and not an internationally renowned mountaineering manufacturer, that the way it withstands wind and rain is poor, but these people are fools of the highest degree. I am going to admit that it has only been tested in October rain in Bristol, but it holds up as well as any Patagonia or Arcteryx I have ever owned. The ripstop material is just that, and is both lightweight and tough. The colour is also something which immediately drew me to it as did the detail on it is which is a lovely touch. It also comes it red and black, which are equally as nice (I only didn't cop the red due to the amount of red already in my wardrobe). In my week of owning this I have already worn it enough times to warrant the purchase, and i'm sure this winter I will not be seen without it somewhere near me.

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