21 September 2009

Its Parka Time

It seems to be that every day a new parka of some sort is being released, many of which are beautiful pieces of design. Recently I have been going nuts for technical apparel and a mountain parka has been a carrot to my donkey.

This Garbstore effort is one that has really stood out to me, but at £280+ it will be a big move for me to cop one.

On another note I spotted this Neighborhood x Marmot Parka on h(y)r collective. The colour is plain but the badges are impressive and from what I have read Marmot appear to be stalwarts of the technical apparel game, with this having the potential to being a very clever collaboration, I will just have to see whats its like in the flesh

Finally I have wanted one of these for ages. I already have two parkas in my collection (A cheap Uniqlo effort and the 1992 RL classic the recent Supreme one was based on) but my grail of parkas has been either a new Japanese, or a vintage Sierra Designs 60/40. I have missed out on a few on ebay, and the £250 price tag from Japan has put me off but i think i may have one coming. Its not one i've seen regularly, it is half quilted inside and I was apprehensive about bidding for it but I may win it at reasonable price and aesthetically there is not much too different compared to a regular one. I am quite excited for the date it will arrive, although I may very well be in a whole new city by then...

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